Woodbury Republican Town Committee

“[Ruby Corby-O'Neill] recognizes that Connecticut requires bold new leaders to represent our state in Washington,” said Chairman K. David Shultz, “[Ruby] is committed to core Republican principles emphasizing a pro-job growth economy, fiscally responsible budgets providing essential services first, equal justice and equal opportunity for every citizen, and respect for all constituents and the rights and freedoms guaranteed to all by the US and State Constitutions.”

State Representative Pavalock-D’Amato

“Congress is broken and needs principled Americans to step forward to serve our nation. That’s why I am proud to endorse Ruby Corby-O’Neill,” Pavalock-D’Amato added, “She has lived her life with determination, perseverance and courage which are qualities fifth district voters can relate to.”

State Representative Will Duff

“Ruby Corby-O’Neill understands the every-day struggles of fifth district families in today’s economy and I am pleased to endorse her candidacy,” said Duff, “Ruby will bring boundless energy, enthusiasm and steadfast commitment to Washington to solve the critical issues facing our nation."

State Representative David Wilson

"Washington needs to stop wasting our time and address the issues America is concerned about. They must solve the opioid crisis, set new immigration policy, control education costs, redesign health care and change policy to create more jobs.  We need to have someone fighting for all of us in Congress who has the ability to tackle these issues. I am proud to endorse Ruby Corby-O’Neill.  She is a fiscal conservative with a common sense approach towards immigration. She is passionate about the opioid crisis. Ruby is the candidate who can win in November to bring required change to the status quo in DC.”

Former State Representative Al Adinolfi

“Washington is a mess. Congress is a mess.  Ruby Corby-O’Neill will fight for our Republican principles and bring conservative values to Washington. Ruby will fight to fix our broken immigration system, eliminate job-killing regulations and tackle the opioid crisis that is destroying our communities. Ruby Corby-O’Neill is the right choice for Connecticut voters and I’m proud to endorse her.”

State Representative Tim Legeyt

“Ruby has distinguished herself as a leader and someone who doesn’t accept the status quo.  She has worked for everything she has acquired and knows the discipline of gaining the American Dream. Ruby would be a wonderful member of Congress because she has the skills and the experience to bring a level-headed perspective to Washington.”

Dr. Bill Petit

“Congress needs to get to work to solve issues especially immigration policy, job creation, cost of schooling, and the opioid crisis. It’s time for a change. We deserve to have someone fighting for all of us in Washington, D.C. who has been on the front lines of these issues and that’s why I am proud to endorse Ruby Corby-O’Neill.  I like her fiscal conservatism, her commonsense approach towards immigration and her passion to combat the opioid crisis. Ruby is our best shot to win in November and bring much-needed change to our nation’s capital.”

Washington Republican Town Committee

"In this unusually eventful year in our district, we believe Dr. Corby O’Neill would be the best advocate for our district and hopefully usher in some sense of balance in what has become a one-party monopoly in Connecticut as well as the rest of New England’s congressional delegation."

Ed Platt, Southbury RTC Member

Roxbury Republican Town Committee

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